5.5" Transparent thicken lengthen vibrating penis sleeve




  • 100% transparency, satisfy your curiosity and peeping eyes.
  • Fish scale-like outside design, rub your vagina to the most.
  • Actual improvement, indeed lengthen your penis by about 1 inch.
  • Medical silicon material, free to change into any sex position.
  • Bottom bulging bump and motor, enjoy mutual orgasmic pleasure.
  • 100% water-proof, convenient to clean and save.



The sleeve has got the crystal transparency, which means you are capable of observing how you thrust into your lover completely and distinctly, which shows you incredible visual impact. The outside part of the sleeve is design into the shape of fish scale, which helps you to rub and hit the sensitive spots in all directions,getting sexual orgasm easily. This penis sleeve is made of medical-grade TPE material, which makes sure the softness and comfort during penetrating process. And you are able to change into whatever thrusting positions that you like with your partners. You don’t have worry that your mate would dismiss you because of your short dick and premature ejaculation, because this sleeve can almost length your penis by 1 inch, and there is a certain hardness on the glans that guarantee your constant sexuality even after ejaculation! There are also a bulging bump and a motor at the bottom. They will instantaneously excite both you and your mate’s sweet spots and create two-way orgasmic awesomeness. Also, you can just put it under the water stream for cleaning without considering that the sleeved get damaged. If you are beginners in this sector, you will love it!



Overall length: 5.5 inches

Material: TPE

Weight: 0.44lb

Inner diameter: 28mm

Outer diameter: 35mm


Package List:

1 x Penis Extension Sleeve

1 x Vibrating motor


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