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Automatic strokers can free your hands to certain degrees, with the automatic rotation and vibration functions, this Sohimi's blowjob toy is popular among males.

Other Product Features:

Electric Rotating Blowjob Toy - With 5 telescopic rotating Modes and 10 vibration modes, this blowjob toy will provide mind-blowing sensations with a constant stroking motion. Automatic telescopic spinning with vibrating can also enhance the sense of pleasure. Make sure to use a lubricant(water-based) on this blowjob toy to achieve the best experience.

3D Realistic Texture Vagina Pussy - This blowjob toy is made of special realistic stretchy and skin-friendly TPE material, soft and full of granules. The powerful rotating blowjob toy will give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. Many raised soft rubbers inside, which gives your penis a stimulating touch when rubbing up and down.

Detachable Versatile Play - The blowjob toy is detachable, letting you enjoy versatile play. It is a multifunctional penis massager and exerciser unique combination of rotary motions & vibrations realistic and soft texture sleeve. Envelop the penis with thrilling circular motions two powerful motors.

Step1: Place the vibrating ball in the silicone pussy.
Step2: Insert the silicone vagina into the blowjob toy.
Step 3: Make sure the metals fit together perfectly for the vibration functions to work.
Step 4: Cap the Hurricane blowjob toy with the cover.

Easy Cleaning Life Waterproof - The blowjob toy is easy to disassemble. Just clean the inner silicone cup with warm water or shower gel. Soft and Safe material, Removable design, easy to clean, durable, and easy to maintain, so that you can easily and freely after each experience.


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