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Have you ever tried a realistic sex doll? If you're afraid by the expensive price of a sex doll, this Sohimi big butt sex doll might be your perfect choice to start. It is in a perfect butt shape which can arouse your sexual desire as you see it.

Product Features:

1. Superior Material - This big butt sex doll is made out of high quality TPE material, it's super soft but tough enough to keep the perfect shape. You can feel it so stretchy that can be rubbed at will, enjoy the pleasure with this sexy butt at any position you like!

2. Realistic Appearance - This big butt sex doll is manufactured in imitation of a real human butt, it is unbelievable realistic, not only the tactile impression, but also the in visual.

3. Dual-Channel Design - This big butt sex doll has two penetration ways, both the vagina and anus is textured like a real sexy girl, it doubles the pleasure when you masturbate. Choose your favorite way to have fun!

4. Suitable Size - 7.8*7.9*7.3 inch. Perfect size for masturbation fun! You can hold this big booty sex doll for a long time without feeling tired, or you can take it anywhere you like to seek different excitement. 

4. Easy to Clean - This big butt sex doll is waterproof, you can easily clean it with water thoroughly. Remember to dry this fake butt sex toy after cleaning.

5. Discreet Packaging - All of our products including those cheap sex dolls  will be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy. Feel free to contact us if there's any problem.




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