6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators



This realistic vagina is shaped like a real woman’s butt, it has an anal channel and a vaginal channel, and there is fantastic texture inside two holes that provided different feelings. Both the two channels are modeled from a young virgin girl, and the lifelike sex doll is pretty elastic! With the incredible real sound of spanking, you can feel like you are having fun with a real person.

The realistic vagina is made of TPR material with super real hand feeling. Sexy vagina features internal ribs and raised nubs, it’s deep enough to fit your cock. Tight yet stretchy, the textured anal passage is sensually structured to give you the fun of anal sex with minimum effort! This realistic vagina weighs only 3.40KG, not too thick to be easily damaged or too heavy to hold it. You can easily put this lifelike sex doll on a sofa, bed, or even the ground without having hold it like a tubular toy.

From the moment you paste it in, you will be amazed by this realistic vagina. With small particles in the canal, it increases the friction and gives you a lot of pleasure.

This realistic vagina is 100% waterproof, you can easily clean it with warm water and mild soap, but please remember not to rinse with boiled water, in case it affects the lifelike sex doll’s elasticity and life.

All adult toys come in a discreet standard wrapper to keep your privacy strictly confidential; 6-month free return/exchange, please contact us if you have any questions.


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