Leten Future technology male masturbator-Collection Highlights

Color: White Basic


Special tips: the most powerful masturbation machine has been born this year, do you dare to accept its challenge? After all, professional bloggers also only lasted 50 seconds!

Package includes:
Power adapter*1
Warranty card*1
Instruction book *1
708 sucking machine *1
White Basic (red Cup*1)/White PRO ( blue Cup*1)/Golden PRO (1 Red Cup & 1 Blue Cup)/Blue PRO (1 Red Cup & 1 Blue Cup)/Red PRO (1 Red Cup & 1 Blue Cup)

Color: white / red
Mode: 3+7 retractable
Operation noise: ≤ 80db
Number of motors: 2
Motor model: 390 + 395
Motor speed: 390 motor -12000rpm, 395 motor: 13550RPM
Material: ABS, TPU, PU, TPE
Power supply: AC 100-240V
Use crowd: 18 years old and above
Size: 126 * 100 * 271.5mm / 4.96 * 3.94 * 10.69in

1. dual-speed flywheel piston, constant temperature heating, interactive cabin pressure change, three language vocalization, original body fragrance, fleshy virtual skin.
2. double push piston, high cabin speed, strong power and strong suction.
3. interactive cabin pressure change, touch traction, free contraction control, fast and slow sliding pressurization technology, a variety of different elastic pleasure experience.
4. synchronized chuck plus stretching, circulating heating, heat flow environment
5. erotic scent adjustable changes, virtual skin from smooth to soft muscle.
6. deep blue-shaped dream, shiny red body, two arbitrarily soft meat.
7. built-in airflow heating system, automatic drying, 12V direct plug.

Instructions for use:
1. pour the lubricating fluid evenly into the channels of the device, and lubricate the channels of the cup and male penis before use.
2. Turn on the product switch to enjoy.


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