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This Sohimi electric penis pump has a special mouth-shaped suction port and a strong suction motor! After more than 10,000 human tests, we have concluded that the suction power of our electric penis pump on the glans and penis is 3 times of other penis pumps, and the vibration intensity is twice. The experiment also found that super suction and vibration will make your penis longer and harder, and also prolong the time of orgasm, this electric penis pump is a perfect sex toy for men!

Compared with other penis pumps, this electric penis pump is deep enough and large enough to accept your penis. No matter how big your penis is, it can wrap your penis tightly, lick and swallow it! The electric penis pump has 7 different suction functions and vibrations, let her serve you at the speed you like, so you can have different feelings.

The opening of the cyclone lays the foundation for super skin coverage of skin irritation. All you have to do is enjoy the soft and compact sexual pleasure of this amazing electric penis pump.

In addition, it can be charged by USB cable, and this electric penis pump will work for several weeks on a single charge. Let you get rid of the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

All of our sex toys including this electric penis pump will be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy, nobody will know what this is but you. We are Sohimi Sex Toy, one of the world's leading designer brands of private lifestyle products. Our products are designed according to the human body structure to make you feel happy. If there is any question, just contact us freely.

Sohimi electric penis pump


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