6 Styles Egg Pocket Pussy

Color: Orange


Unique design: Inside the shell-shaped package, you will find a piece of silicone that mimics an egg, but it is hollow and has a hole at the bottom. Inside, different texture patterns can ensure a certain range of feelings.

How to use: After peeling, the egg receives lubricant inside and is fixed on the penis like an elastic cap. It can be stretched to the bottom of the part, and then masturbate from here and place your hands on it.

Unisex: suitable for playing alone or as a couple, because its thickness guarantees a feeling inside and out.

Product details: Material: TPE + ABS (non-toxic) Size: 10.6 cm long and 6.2 cm thick (approximate size).

Note: Before and after use, please wash with water and neutral soap, dry with a paper towel or air dry. After drying, please keep in the original packaging. Do not share, and do not expose to temperatures above 50°C.


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