Red Rose Silicone Anal Cosplay Plug




  • Delicate blooming rose, one gorgeous body decoration.
  • Conical tapered plug, guarantee easy and smooth insertion.
  • Slender connection rod tailed with blooming rose, avoid excessive penetration, ease over-stretching, and prevent slipping out.
  • Made of pure silicone, satiny, soft and pliable.
  • High level of waterproofing, creating more possible of water-related sexual scenarios.



Flowers are always favored. They were, are and will be super popular in terms of being beauty. Of course, the addition of flowers will undoubtedly make sex toys shine, just like this Rose Anal Plug. It seems that a delicate rose has just been picked from the branch, frozen in its most beautiful moment. Holding the flower stem, bury the swollen tapered head steadily into the craving asshole until it reaches the calyx. The body seems to be ablaze with the crimson rose! The comfort and smoothness of the pure silicone plaything will absolutely be beyond your imagination, and your anus will not be overstretched with the existence of slender rod, while the swollen insertable head brings you a special filling pleasure, and at the same time, prevent slipping out. Definitely, it is suitable for all sex scenario related to water. So, just start your game.


Total length: 4.33”

Size of rounded plug: 1.97 x 1.18”

Diameter of rose: 2.95”

Weight: 0.18 lb

Material: silicone

Package included:
1 x butt plug



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