Moving Beads Penis Ring




  • Sliding beads, promote penis-teasing.
  • Shape of everyday things, protect privacy.
  • Functional sex toy, improve penis performance and become a tough man.
  • Acceptable to temperature changes, suitable for temperature plays.
  • Stainless steel material, easy to clean and own a long service life.



The bead element always has its unique highlights. When it is applied to the cock ring, its role will surprise you. While enjoy thrusting, those energetic beads will move irregularly, they collide with each other, crushing anything close to them, which eventually turns into an irresistible unique provocative stimulus for both you and your mate who are within this unforgettable play . Undoubtedly, this interesting design will make a great difference in bringing your sex to the next level! Basically, it serves as a penis ring to improve penis performance and help you become a tough man. In addition, this ring is extremely sensitive to temperature changes because of stainless steel material, which means that hot or cold play is available for you. Similarly, this material also makes it worry-free and effortless in cleaning.


Inner diameter: 1.6”

Weight: 0.09 lb

Material: stainless steel


Package included:
1 x penis ring


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