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Developpe Sex Delay Increase Cream – Male Lubricant penis enlargement cream Enlarge Thicker Penis Thickening.

Steps for usage:
1. Apply a tylan gel on the erectile penis
2. Use the thumb and forefinger to form a circle, trap the penis
3. Hand slowly and hand massage the entire penis and scrotum
4. hand massage, squeeze, hand holding the penis to pull out, each 2-3 seconds
5. Duration of about 10-15 minutes, until there is a slight thermal expansion can be.
1, the product is pure natural ingredients extracted, tasteless, no stimulation;
2, recommended to use three times a day, before use, wash the scrotum and penis with warm water;
3, after the massage can be completely absorbed, do not need to clean;
4, if accidentally into the eyes, with water can be cleaned;
5, please save in the 5-25 degree environment.
Use of treatment:
The product is for a three-course course, for a period of one month, the best use of age for 18-32 years of age.
The first branch: because the short penis is mainly due to damage to the corpus cavernosum cells, inhibition of cell division, so the first branch will generally feel little effect, mainly repair the corpus cavernosum tissue;
The second branch: blood circulation to speed up the erection speed to enhance the hardness of the blood vessels to improve the thickening of the penis mainly promote the sponge cell division, penile growth 1-2 cm thickening; and increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
The third branch: to consolidate the expansion of the corpus, strengthen metabolism, enhance the length of the penis length 3-5 cm, the thickness of about 0.5-1 cm.


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