Bird-Like Detachable Electric Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug




  • A shape of the bird's head, the small sharp beak will accurately stimulate your P-point.

  • Electric inflatable, fully fill your anus.
  • 5 frequency vibration, a trembling comfort experience of the backdoor.
  • The plug part is detachable, easy to clean.
  • The soft and safe silicone material,protects your private parts.
  • Charging via USB, no need to worry about running out of power when you're out.



If you always feel unsatisfied with variety of backdoor toys, then you should really try this electric inflatable anal plug. It consists of two main accessories, one is the anal plug and the other is the controller. They are connected by a 26-inch hose. The head of the anal plug resembles the head of a bird, and the small pointed beak can accurately stimulate your P point after entering into your body. This is the first surprise it gives you. The second part of the anal plug can be inflated. Long press the power button of the controller, and then press the top inflation button, the anal plug will start to grow bigger. You will feel that your anus is constantly being expanded, so enjoy the pleasure of fullness. When you need it to be smaller, press the bottom deflate button. It can be inflated or stop at any time. Make it big or small is fully under your control, which means that both a novice and a skilled person can handle this toy. The maximum circumference of the inflatable limit is 9 inches. Be sure to play within a safe range, don't inflate too much. It is worth mentioning that there is 5-frequency vibration, which is the second stimulus. I don’t think an anal game enthusiast can refuse such a temptation. Thanks to the soft and safe silicone, you don’t have to worry about that it may cause damage to your skin. After use, just remove the anal plug and clean it, which is hygienic. Of course don’t forget to charge it, USB charging makes your experience better. Charge it after use, no need to worry about running out of power next time you use it.


Material: Silicone+ABS


Hose length: 26’’


Package included:

1*Anal Plug

1*Charging Cable



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