5.9” Realistic Super Elastic Anal Sex Male Masturbator




  • Mid-section waist design, easy control with one hand.
  • Brown skin and fleshy labia, expert of pleasing you.
  • Rims, bulges and thorns scattered over the inner room, fully stimulate your bro.
  • TPE material, high elasticity and softness, harmless to the body.
  • 100% waterproof, get rid of restrictions on sex locations.



Featuring a petite figure and light weight, this toy is a must-have item for almost all men in terms of business trip or travel. It is born with sexy brown skin and mouth-watering fleshy pussy, which is its killer feature to become your indispensable partner. The internal structure of the channel is even more stunning: the hole inner zone is scattered with ribs, bumps and thorns, even better than the real female channel. Don't doubt, as a sex expert, it can definitely please you in every way! In addition, its high body flexibility also plays an important role in sex. You are allowed to change the way of enjoying without hindrance, such as lying or sitting. Of course, it is also very willing to accompany you to enjoy the wonderful couple shower. Take this opportunity to make your dick feel more comfortable!



Product size: 5.9 x 3.3 x 3.2”

Weight: 0.98 lb

Material: TPE


Package included:
1 x pocket pussy


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