Airbag Sucking Deep Throat Sexual Moans Blow Job Male Masturbator



Our feature:

  • Best Penis Toys of Clamp and Vibration Technology
  • Realistic Silicone and Real Vagina
  • Adjustable Tightness and Multiple Modes
  • Voice Interaction and USB charging
  • Easy Cleaning and Discreet Packing

In the Sohimi sex world, You can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure with these best male masturbation toys. It's the best blowjob masturbator with Clamp and Vibration Technology. The pressure of airbags can make you feel like a hot girl is performing oral sex on you, and what's more, it has a sexy female voice, The more intense you perform, the more passionate her voice becomes.

This blowjob masturbator has multiple models for you by adjusting the pressure and speed of airbags, the size, and the tightness of the channel. So that you can get a unique experience from Sohimi blowjob masturbator.

Eco-friendly and High-Quality silicone material can make your masturbation more enjoyable and safe, soft and full of granules, as well as internal multi-layered spiral pleats, give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. Deep croup wrap 14cm.

This blowjob masturbator was a perfect masturbator for men among many penis toys.
With a USB charging design, it has a long life and makes it easy to clean, 100% strict-discreet package, unmarked, confidential delivery, no sensitive words.

All sex toys including this  blowjob masturbator will be shipped secretly to protect your privacy.
Note: make sure to use a lubricant(water-based) to achieve the best experience

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